Depp Tribute Mug

 "Not all treasure is Silver and Gold, mate." - Jack Sparrow

That's true, because this Art Mug is no less than a treasure! Intricately designed Depp Avatars from his most loved movies such as Pirates of the Carribean, Scisscorhands, Todd, Alice in Wonderland stare back at your with those mesmerizing eyes in these Caricature portraits illustrated by artist Prasad Bhat from Graphicurry.

Simply put, if you love Johnny, you are going to love this Mug!

DimensionsMug size (Diameter X Height): 10 cm X 25 cm

Texture: White Ceramic Art Mug with Artwork emblazoned on it. Print so beautifully sturdy that it will last you for years to come even with daily use. Mug so beautiful that once you hold it, just like Sweeny Todd you would announce "At last my arm is complete again"!

The images carry as accurate of the portrayal of the actual mug as possible. However, please note that the final product may have a slightly varying shade owing to mysteries of photography.

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