Angaarey Second Edition Wall Art

Launching the limited second edition of Angaarey, the marvelous fusion of the artist's love for Bollywood and superheroes. A tribute to the stars he grew up loving and this is how he sees them in his head. Here's his action packed fictious multi-starer Superheroes movie from the early 90s, Angaarey 😎 . Grab yours before they fly off the shelf.

Grab your piece now cause these come in a limited edition of only first 50 signed by the artist. These come with the provision of a hook, to allow you to hang them up!

Dimensions: Wall Art Size (Height X Width X Thickness): 34 cm X 30 cm X 0.5 cm - (Portrait), A3 size.

First 50 only signed by the artist personally

Texture: Hand drawn illustration, Digitally Printed & Laminated On Sun-Board

Shipping & Delivery: This product takes up to 5-10 days for dispatch. While we do our best to send out the orders at the earliest, our dispatch doesn't work on Saturday and Sundays.

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