Winter in The Mug

 A beautiful line up of the most loved and the most hated characters from this show. Winter is here. Right in your Mug! With the Starks, Lannisters and the underdogs who are now leading the pack, Khaleesi and Jon Snow. If you look closely, you see Drogon right close to his Momma. We miss him, don't we? So here is a warm tribute for the Winter in your Mug!

Dimensions: Mug size (Diameter X Height): 10 cm X 25 cm

Texture: White Ceramic Art Mug with Artwork emblazoned on it. Print so beautifully sturdy that it will last you for years to come even with daily use. Mug so robust that you can use it to save yourself in case someone says Dracarys!

The images carry as accurate of the portrayal of the actual mug as possible. However, please note that the final product may have a slightly varying shade owing to mysteries of photography.

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