We're Graphicurry, Sole Proprietorship of Prasad Bhat. An Art store and Design studio based out of Bengaluru founded in 2010. 

Prasad Bhat specializes in personalized hand-drawn digital caricatures. His art has found its niche following of motivators and buyers, both of which are growing exponentially in this era of digital enchantment.

This artwork also comes in an exclusive premier range which is sold in limited edition sizes, making it not just a purchase, but an asset.

Prasad Bhat has been featured in the Indian Express, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicles, Student Magazine and Creative Gaga magazine as one of the most promising illustrators from India. He has been showcased in online forums such as YourStory, BlueGape and several others as an artist with a unique style and uncommon appeal.

His belief; there's already enough misery in this world. Let's bring a smile on every face.

Please do note, the entire collection that you savour here at the website is the hand-crafted creation of Prasad Bhat; created from a scratch by hand on the digital medium and with creative ideation and inputs. It is 'not' in any way a alteration or photoshopping of any particular image or photograph.

This collection is the rendition of the artist's creativity and not claiming to be an official merchandise of any other brand.