Leonardo Di Caprio Wall Art

This exclusive artwork, meticulously crafted by Prasad Bhat from Graphicurry, offers a visual journey through the illustrious career of Leonardo DiCaprio. It's a detailed homage to the actor's most iconic roles, from the charming rogue of "Titanic" to the cunning financier in "The Wolf of Wall Street." Each character is brought to life with stunning clarity and artistic flair, capturing the essence of DiCaprio's versatility and depth as an actor. This piece is a must-have for cinema enthusiasts and DiCaprio fans alike, serving as a testament to the actor's enduring impact on the film industry. Whether displayed in your living room or office, it's bound to spark conversations and admiration, making it a perfect addition to any collection or a thoughtful gift for a movie buff.

DimensionsWall Art Size (Height X Width X Thickness): 15.2 cm X 45.7 cm X 0.5 cm - (Landscape)

Texture: Digitally Printed & Laminated On Sun-Board. It comes with a stand which allows you to hang or decorate on tabletop. No need to frame this any further!

Shipping & Delivery: This product takes up to 5-10 days for dispatch. While we do our best to send out the orders at the earliest, our dispatch doesn't work on Saturday and Sundays.


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