Sanjay Bowie Wall Art

A tribute to the true rock star and the one with the never dying spirit. This is a fusion art by Prasad Bhat that deserves to be owned by those who love uniqueness and a bit of madness too. 

First Edition launch: Signed personally by the artist.

50 - A3 size Wall Art (Height X Width X Thickness): 60 cm X 43 cm X 0.5 cm - (Portrait)

50 - A4 size Wall Art (Height X Width X Thickness): 30 cm X 21.5 cm X 0.5 cm - (Portrait)

Texture: Digitally Printed & Laminated On Sun-Board. It comes with a stand which allows you to hang or decorate on tabletop in the A4 laminate. The A3 size ones come with a hook to be hung up. No need to frame this any further!

Taking care of your laminate: Just dust it off with a soft cotton cloth. Its really as simple as that. :)

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