Backstreet Tribute Wall Art

A tribute to the band who gave a meaning to love songs in the 90s. Each one of them so unique and yet so beautifully together to bring us our most loved songs forever. 

DimensionsWall Art Size A4 (Height X Width X Thickness): 7.9 X 11.7 X 0.5 - (landscape) 

Wall Art Size A3 (Height X Width X Thickness): 11.2 X 16.5 X 0.5 - (landscape) 

Texture: Digitally Printed & Laminated On Sun-Board. It comes with a stand on the backside which allows you to hang or display on a tabletop.

Shipping & Delivery: This product takes up to 5-10 days for dispatch. While we do our best to send out the orders at the earliest, our dispatch doesn't work on Saturday and Sundays.

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