Caricatures by Relationship

Personalized Caricature For Parents

Surprise your parents with a signature style Caricature portrait by artist Prasad Bhat

Caricature Gift for Parents by artist Prasad BhatPersonalized Caricature for Mother Father by artist Prasad Bhat 

Personalized Caricature Gift for Sibling 

Want to send your sibling a surprise gift across the globe? Get in touch with us for a seamless gifting experience. 

Caricature gift for Brother. Caricature by Prasad Bhat

We offer complementary framed artwork to be shipped directly to the recipient along with access to the source files of the artwork which allow you to print to any size of your choice on a medium of your liking!

Caricature gift for Sister with Dog. Caricature by Prasad Bhat

Personalized Caricature Gift for Spouse

Recreate your wedding day, the Graphicurry way! Gift your BAE the most unique personalized gift out there. A classic Prasad Bhat caricature portrait that captures all the details of your big day while showing its unique caricature interpretation.


Wedding Gift Caricature by artist Prasad Bhat

Looking to have a fun conversation starter artwork in your living room? Look no more and get in touch with us to have your exotically fun caricature portraits done by the artist. He studies the pictures offered by you and draws out the portraits from scratch in his own unique style. 

Annivesary Gift Caricature by artist Prasad Bhat

Personalized Caricature Gift for Boss

Not sure what your Boss loves? Hop onto his good books with this superb gifting experience which will make him show off his personalized gift to many for years to come!

 Gift for Boss. Caricature gift by Prasad Bhat

Personalized Caricature Gift for Best Friend

Can't meet your best friend anytime soon? Not to worry, send the perfect gift to your best friend which captures their persona like nothing else. A Prasad Bhat classic mugshot which infuses those tiny details which only a true friend can remember!

Caricature gift for Friend. Caricature by Prasad Bhat

 Gift your friend something he will totally love. A custom made portrait of his idol with him! What's more? We can have him in the avatar that he loves. Its practically making his dreams come true. Isn't it?

Gift for Best Friend . Messi Caricature gift by Prasad Bhat