Caricatures by Occasion

Personalized Anniversary Gift Caricature

Plan your anniversary gift with us. We help you send the best anniversary gift to your friend, anywhere in the world.

Gift for your boyfriend Caricature by Prasad Bhat

Surprise your partner this time with the most unique anniversary gift. 

Gift for your wife Caricature by Prasad Bhat 

Personalized Birthday Gift Caricature

Want to gift your spouse a truly personalized birthday gift? We create customized caricature portraits which bring out the true essence of their personality.
Gift for your husband Caricature by Prasad Bhat
Caricatures with customized requirements. Caricatures for different occasions are feasible with our step by step personalized booking process. 
Couple Caricature by Prasad Bhat

Personalized Wedding Gift Caricature

Best friend's wedding gift? We just use the wedding picture references and recreate their most memorable day in our signature caricature style. 
Wedding Caricature by Prasad Bhat

Don't have clear wedding day pics? Not to worry. Artist Prasad Bhat studies the faces using reference pics and creates the attire customized to the occasion too! So, best surprise wedding gifts? No problem!

Wedding Gift Caricature by Prasad Bhat